Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keyword Roundup, Volume 7

Here are the most recent search terms people have used to get here and the entries those terms yielded, plus my comments:

mature blogspot, matureblogspot, French mature blogspot, French mature, frenchmature.blogspot, mature-blogspot.com, Renée mature, mature/Renée, and mature.blogspot.com - Keyword Roundup, Volume 5, Keyword Roundup, Volume 6, January 2009 archive, and main page. Seventeen visitors from Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. *Sigh* I will never escape from these search terms. Now that I've actually posted those words, it'll be a perpetual cycle of people clicking through to here and being disappointed with what they've found.

Renée desperate to pee - Keyword Roundup, Volume 6. Same old pee fetish pervert in Eastpointe, Michigan. Let's all take a moment to point and laugh... OK, done.

www.bigboobs.blogspot.com - main page. Someone at S.C. Johnson & Son in Milwaukee needs to review the company policy on personal Internet use at work. This blog is the sixth result for that search term. My mother must be so proud.

low cost fill manicure Framingham - April 2008 archive page. The person who searched for this was in Virginia... I don't think you need to come all the way to Massachusetts to get your nails done, honey.

lonelywife.com and wifepost - Just another lonely wife post. For when you need to buy one of those Ukrainian girls off the Internet, you visitors from Little Rock, Staten Island, Georgia, and Oklahoma City. I'm the fourth result for lonelywife.com and sixth for wifepost.

old school costumes, costume crown design templates, costue carnevale Heidi, childrens popcorn vendor costume and school Halloween 2008 pictures - Old-school Halloween costume time.

Renée feet fair - main page. Spain.

vegan shakes, vegan shamrock shake and vegan shamrock shakes - four people visited Vegan Shamrock Shakes. I'm the first result for the second and third phrases. I'm a groundbreaker in the world of vegan beverages.

who is the voice of Wii Fit? and what does Wii Fit voice say - Fatty Fat and the Wii Fit. I don't know, but I would like to smack that person around a little bit.

Cheesecake Factory Georgia peach recipe - Keyword Roundup, Volume 4. I don't know how to make them, but I sure do like them. Judging by the number of hits I get from people looking for the recipe, everyone else likes them, too.

female millennials - June 2008 archive.

don't eat oranges - Moral of the story: Don't eat orange food. I am the sixth result for that phrase. I'm curious, why shouldn't we eat oranges? I like them.

Renée golf - Golf and Hearts. I get this every so often, usually from Indonesia. Hmm.

chicken and rice soup from scratch - Soup from scratch: "chicken" and rice.

on the banks of the Red Cedar - On the banks of the Red Cedar, there's a school that's known to all. I'm the sixth result for this. I bleed green, baby.

what does baby diarrhea look like and baby diarrhea recipe - Sometimes my cooking looks like baby diarrhea but I promise it is far more delicious. I'm in the top ten for both of these and I'm not even a mommy blogger. Oh, yay.

Renée perfume in metal tube - main page. I'm the fifth result for this.

Ms Renée - main page. You found me, Saudi Arabia.

europerv - Keyword Roundup, Volume 5. I like to think that I invented that word.

heidi rnee jones - Pop culture and sleepless nights. That's not me.


Katie said...

oh my gosh... too funny!

the V said...

in a show of solidarity, I'll have you know my blog searches consist of the highest hit for "scottish cliche" from people mostly in east asis and many many sad people looking for vixens, virgins and confessions of entirely a different nature.

Katie said...

Hey you... I think you're kinda awesome... So I gave you an award!

Bayjb said...

I wish my blog searches were even remotely as entertaining as yours. Seriously.

Michelle said...

LMAO - I love these. I should check mine more often.

Cary said...

Renee Desperate To Pee sounds like a movie title... like Rachel Getting Married or Girl Interrupted.