Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Merry Christmas to us.

Santar (yes, Santar) came to my house early. When you're a big girl, he brings diamonds, apparently, because last year I got an engagement ring the first week of December, and this year, I got a necklace! I like early Santar visits.

In other happy news, Jason is getting out of the Navy in March and we're moving to Massachusetts! This means he won't go on the six-month (November 2007 to March 2008) cruise I'd been not-so-silently dreading. I love being a Navy wife, and I am endlessly proud of Jason for all he's accomplished as a sailor, but having him home with me is far more important than anywhere they could possibly send him and any accolade they could possibly give him.

As a result, we canceled the lease for the apartment we were going to move to, and I told my boss I'll be leaving. It will be interesting to see how they'll deal with replacing me.

Lest you think Jason got nothing for his stellar jewelry fetching, behold his ultimate reward: a cat-proof entertainment center and a TV wider than my backside--37 inches (the TV, not me). He swears he'll never want a bigger TV. Yeah, right.

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kate said...

i would like big girl christmas, please.