Monday, March 10, 2008

New look, new blog.

And new jobs!

That's right, I got promoted and Jason has started with a new company. Next month I'm moving up to a more important position (designed just for me by my current and prospective bosses) in a different department at work and going back to full time instead of being a contractor. I'm thrilled! There will be more hours and more responsibilities, including some of a managerial/supervisory nature. Jason is equally excited about his upgrade, especially after his first day today--they gave him a whole bunch of fancy clothes with the company logo.

You've probably noticed the change of clothes on this page--I'm hoping that the new look around here will be the jolt I need to get back to writing regularly. I've bounced around a lot of ideas in my head, and now that I have a design I like, I feel ready to write.

Stay tuned for more in the next few days.

1 comment:

~Angela~ said...

Congrats on the new jobs! And I dig the new design. It's nice the way the posts are broken up.