Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pay It Forward (or, how to get presents from me)

After spending a couple of days at my mom's to take her to have a heart catheterization, I arrived home late Tuesday night to discover a lovely surprise: my Pay It Forward package from my lovely Angelika (of Angelaboration)!

Included in the haul: a festive Chinese paper lantern (which my cats absolutely love!), a pin (which I'm wearing in the picture of me, so it's not in the picture of everything), a lipstick case (with a design keeping with the Asian theme) containing a Skittles-flavored Lipsmacker, a pack of "certified vegetarian" gum (my Angela, she knows me well), an also Asian-themed change purse (which I totally need because my wallet doesn't hold coins very well), a Chicago postcard, a cute butterfly notebook (perfect for stowing in my purse for those flash-of-inspiration moments I so often have when I'm not near my laptop), and an awesome mix CD (including my song du jour, "Shake It" by Metro Station--I'd heard it once on the radio and immediately started dancing in my car seat, but never knew what it was... and now I know!).

Thank you, Angelika!

So here's where you, readers, come in.

Part of winning Angela's Pay It Forward contest is that I have to do my own, to pass on the good deed--to pay it (the good deed) forward. I pass on the good deed--in small gift form--to you (three of you, that's the rule), then you, in turn, pass it on to three other people by holding a contest on your own blog. The goodness multiplies onward from there! To read more about the concept of Pay It Forward, read Angela's entry.

Now... Do you want some goodies? Leave a comment! I'll draw three names at random once I have a good amount of entrants. Good luck!


~Angela~ said...

So glad you like everything. :-D

the V said...

I am completely up for playing. I feel a bit guilty however, as my readership has dwindled from dozens to none (I think the lack of titlating, embarassing moments now i'm committed and a new prefossional reserve have made me a boring read. quelle suprise.)

and yes, a wii fit is tres promising. i refuse to do yoga with strangers. how can one find inner calm with soulless stick figures staring at your ass?

if i get my shit together, there will be a facebook poll of the dresses. hurrah!

Kayleigh said...

Hooray I love these types of contests. Count me in! :)

Bayjb said...

Woo hoo! I love paying it forward. I'm in.

Pixelation said...

*ahem* I wish to enter this fabuloso contest.