Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ants and anniversaries

Things are coming along here. The basics are unpacked, but there are still boxes EVERYWHERE.

What is not everywhere, at least not anymore, are ants. The day after the movers brought our stuff in, I noticed ants in the kitchen--marching around the pantry, raiding the cat food, coming in by the sliding door and through two microscopic holes in the ceiling, and setting up shop IN MY BACKPACK.

Five bottles of Orange Guard, an ugly crying session, some super glue and a container of spackle later, I think we've kicked them out of the house. There are still giant nests of them all around outside, but at least they're not in the house. We already shoveled some of their nest dirt into the trash barrel, filling it to the top, and that was carted away this morning. I figure if there's nothing left for them to build homes out of, they'll move somewhere else where the dirt is plentiful. Right?

I hope so.

Otherwise, life is good. I like it here. It is by far the best place we have lived together, all things considered. And the cats are right at home, as you can see. I think once our belongings are fully unpacked and the pictures are hung, I might even love it.

Over the weekend we celebrated our third anniversary by attending a keg party thrown by Jason's boss. I enjoyed myself, actually, and had a good time socializing with his coworkers and their families. The only part I regret about it was drinking five Mike's Hard Lemonades. All that sugar made my teeth so sensitive that I could barely chew or brush my teeth. It is only just feeling better today. I'd like to say that I'll never do that again, but... I probably will do it again.

Later this week we're heading up to Oakland so I can spend a day working in an office--something I have not done since March 2007. I don't even know where my office clothes are packed. I guess I need to get on that. I'm training a new coworker and meeting a bunch I've never met before, including some bosses, so making a good impression is important.

Now I am off to brush my sore teeth with delicious non-cow water and sleep in my wonderful non-floor bed. That's progress!


K13 said...

yay for getting rid of the ants. how can such a teeny tiny creature be so awful. i hate them too!

Anonymous said...

We use vinegar in the cracks outside to kill the ant mounds that develop and it seems to help... It is not as cruel as some of the other stuff I guess... I am heartless when it comes to bugs though.

April said...

Awesome! (well all except for the ants, that is). It sounds like the new place is coming along great!!

Jamie said...

Boo Ants. Everytime I move to a new place I have a Serious Talk With The Local Wildlife about how I won't mess with their house if they stay out of mine. The cats are in charge of disposing anyone who doesn't listen.

How weird is it going back to the office? Do you have to go just for one day, or is it for goods?