Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Broken Bed

Those of you who use Twitter might recall my tweet from last week about breaking our new bed. A couple of weeks ago we were (ahem) in bed when we heard the distinctive sound of wood cracking. I knew right away what it was. Sure enough, we had caused one of the support beams to bend in the middle and it had started to split. We slept on it like that for two weeks because we were too lazy busy to get around to buying the supplies to fix it.

I worried every single night that I would make a wrong move that would finish off those beams and send us plunging down onto the floor. It has happened before, and I'm still near my fattest weight ever, so I was paranoid.

By the time Friday rolled around, I couldn't let it go any longer, so I sent Jason off to get some wood and a saw. We cut our wood into some cross beams and supportive feet and then the construction work began. First we tried to drill screws through the beams into the feet, but the drill bit just stripped the screws because it wasn't the right size. Strike one.

I suggested nailing the feet on, instead. Jason went out again, bringing back nails thicker than I have ever seen in my life. An excellent idea, the nailing was, except that the nails got stuck and wouldn't penetrate the foot pieces, and all of my pounding and whacking with the hammer just bent them at crazy angles sticking out of the beams. Strike two.

Then Jason finally realized that he did have the right drill bit after all, so we screwed the feet on as planned.

We haven't heard a creak out of that bed since.

Here it is before (with one support beam laid across, and you can totally see how the one flimsy beam in the middle is bowed) and after:

I'm putting this project firmly in the "win" column.


Anonymous said...

I swear they do not make beds like they used to.. We used to jump like crazy on beds as kids and they never broke... We had the same problem just a year after we bought our bed... My DH had his Dad make this metal piece to support it.. We actually had the wood rail on the side split near the headboard. Of course I was embarassed because I was so heavy at the time.. I blamed myself. I still look at that and remember how big I was... I swear it is like if you do not make it yourself it is not make right or good enough.. Flimsy furniture is for the birds... Now at least you guys can AHEM all you want and not worry about things! LOL

Samsmama said...

Alright, if that doesn't keep that bed from breaking then I don't know what will. That must have been some serious Aheming. Good for you guys! ;)

Cary said...

You broke the damn bed doing the dirty deed. Awesome. Something to tell your grandkids.