Tuesday, June 21, 2011

off we go

Jason and I are jetting off to Michigan in a few hours for a week of wedding fun. It will be the first time we've flown together since 2005, and only the second time that Jason has been to my motherland. He was last there for a weekend in 2007. He's long overdue!

Not only is he coming with me on this trip, he's also a last minute addition to my sister's bridal party! I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to make goo goo eyes at him from across the altar on Saturday.

To keep you occupied while I'm gone, I posted a humorous little tidbit from Jason's deployment over at List of the Day. All I can say is that some street signs in Malaysia seem to be for a mature audience!

The next time I post, I'll show you where I'm from on my hand.


The Random Blogette said...

Have fun in Michigan! I didn't realize you are originally from a neighboring state! =)

Maris(In Good Taste) said...

Have a great weekend and congrats to your sister

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Have a great weekend! So glad he's home and got back safe.

Angela Noelle said...

Woohooooo!!! Have an amazing time together :)