Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quotes from the Boat, Volume 7

My husband says funny things. Funny things that often become even funnier in the voiceless environment of e-mails sent amidst the chaos of deployment on an aircraft carrier. In my Quotes from the Boat series, I'll be sharing select gems plucked straight from my e-mail correspondence with the king of the cruise himself. From funny, to touching, to just plain weird, these are Jason's musings from aboard the "big metal city."

You are beautiful to me every day.

I would have gotten tortured for going across the equator, but the event is "voluntary." It's in quotations because they still give you a ration of shit for not participating. So, they stuck me in some room and told me that I couldn't watch TV since I wasn't participating. I watched TV anyway.

I love you so much! You are the best wife ever!

I can barely keep my shorts on because they are too big for me now.*

I don't get so hungry when I think of the crap food they serve. It kills my hunger.

Hong Kong IS the piracy capital of the world, after all.

I didn't feel like going to Disneyland [in Hong Kong]. That's something I'd like to do with you, not with a bunch of sailors.

I have no desire to go to the Middle East with an AK-47.

So you were able to find the Amstel Light, eh? I guess the holy quest is over now.**

I can't wait to come home to you! It makes me so happy to be packing to come home. It almost brings tears to my eyes. Leaving this ship and knowing I won't ever have to come back brings a lot of joy into my heart.

* He has gone down four pants sizes since November!
** I drove through three counties and went to eight stores to get that damn beer.


Maris (in Good Taste) said...

Ah, true love! I am so excited for you!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

OH my gosh some of these are really funny and very sweet. So glad he's home!