Friday, April 18, 2008

Picture Perfect

Today is so effing brill I hardly know what to do with myself. I stepped out at lunchtime for a post office run, and it was 78 degrees out! I'm hoping this bodes well for our weekend plans: we're attending the golf tournament my cousin, the best high school golfer in Michigan (literally, she's been state champion two years running and was named Miss Golf last year), is playing in--it just happens to be in Massachusetts! So I'll get to see my cousin and my aunt and uncle, all of whom I haven't seen since last winter when I had my bridal shower and wedding.

Speaking of which, the trip to the post office was to pick up a package--my wedding album and CD of high-resolution files of all the shots our photographers took the whole day (if you are wedding-minded, you must insist on this being part of your photo package--trust me, it is worth the extra money)! The top right picture is one of my favorite shots. That one didn't actually make it into the album, since our lead photographer liked a similar,
less-smiley one better (the bottom right one--he said it was "smoldering"). Perhaps we'll buy a print of the smiley one to put on the wall. It depends how often Jason wants to look at me.

I think I already know the answer to that, judging by last night. Some of you may know that I am a bit of a camera whore, and love having my picture taken or taking it myself (having two photographers documenting my every move on our wedding day was like heaven, let me tell you). So last night I spent probably an hour taking pictures of myself. When I loaded them into my computer, Jason watched intently as I went through one by one, meticulously deleting and resizing until every single one was flattering enough to keep around for later use. He couldn't explain why he wanted to see 75 pictures of the same pose. All he could say is "I like looking at my wife" and that he loves me for being me. I'll take it! I love him for being him, too.

Tonight we're going to one of our favorite restaurants: The Black Olive in Tewksbury. It's family owned, has live piano music, and ridiculously delicious Italian/Mediterranean food. I recommend the Mediterranean Platter appetizer: hummus, baba ganouj, lebehne, grape leaves, falafel, and kebeh (this has meat, but everything else is vegetarian and some of it's vegan), served with warm pita bread and enough for a whole table (they say it serves two, but there's enough food for six, considering that it's an appetizer). The meatless pasta dishes are all fab. I always have a hard time choosing.

Now I should stop writing about their food before I run out of time to go eat it!

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~Angela~ said...

1. I want to meet your husband. He sounds lovely.

2. That second shot IS smoldering.

3. I love the first one even more than the smoldering one. That smiling beauty? That's my Heidi!