Monday, August 25, 2008

Citius Altius Fortius

Hello Internet, perhaps you were wondering where I have been. Not to worry, I've been right here (well, and also in Michigan), too busy being transfixed by the Olympics to do anything else. I love the Olympics. I'll watch any sport, even the weird ones no one else watches. Whitewater kayaking? Bring it on. Fencing? Judo? Steeplechase? Check, sure, and definitely--I'll watch anything with people leaping over a fence into a shallow pool of water.

For simplicity's sake, I'll present the rest of my doings in handy list form.

  • I went home to Michigan: I went home for a long weekend to attend my great grandma's 100th birthday party. Crazy! That's her with my uncle on the left and my dad on the right. She doesn't look a day over 80. The party was fun, the cake was good, and I saw a lot of random relatives, some of whom I had never met and won't likely see again until a funeral (morbid but true, and unfortunately I have a good idea whose it'll be--not great grandma's, though). My sister and I had fun taking "senior pictures" in our cousin's yard (hence the swing shot).

    At my dad's, there was the usual cuddling of cats and chickens and baby raccoons--there are now twelve cats (plus one from the last trip), one chicken (minus one--Sally disappeared), and two raccoons (minus four--they moved on to adult raccoon world). I floated in the pool, worked in the garden, and went to Beaner's far more times than was necessary. I'm not sure when I'll go back next--boo!

  • Mommy is getting married: A few weeks ago while my mother was in Michigan hobnobbing with the fam, she and her longtime love decided to make it official. That's right, Mommy and Phillip are tying the knot!

    They've been together for ten years, through graduations, births, deaths, cross-country moves (including my mom's move to Massachusetts), out-of-country trips, surgeries, weddings, funerals, and lots and lots of theatre.

    Phillip has been there for me as a stepfather and friend, and even as the officiant at our wedding last December. As Phillip would say, Conga-Rats to them!

  • I want these sparkly things: I've been looking at engagement rings and wedding bands with Mommy, so of course I've found some things that I want for myself. The Pavé Diamond Infinity Wedding Ring or the Channel-Set Milgrain Diamond Eternity Ring would be perfect right-hand rings. Anniversary present? The Diamond Pavé Hoop Earrings match my engagement ring and wedding band--perfect Christmas present! I know I'll never get these things, but a girl can dream, right?

  • Back to the Navy?: Jason got out of the Navy in March 2007 when his initial four-year commitment ended. Recently he decided he wants to go back in, and I couldn't be prouder of him. He recently took and passed the Physical Readiness Test, and the next step is to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)--it's basically the SAT for soldiers and sailors, and it's no joke. Math, verbal, and reading comprehension, plus a mechanical section. He did well when he took it prior to his first enlistment, so we hope he'll do even better now that he's older and wiser. What does going back in mean to us? It means true job satisfaction for Jason, a fresh start somewhere other than Massachusetts, and a lot of pride for both of us. Nothing is for sure yet--we won't know if he'll be able to retain his rate and rank until he takes the test, has a physical, and talks with the recruiter more. I have my fingers crossed.

So that's it. Life might change greatly pretty soon, and I couldn't be more ready.


Bayjb said...

Welcome back! That's so great that your mom is getting married! How exciting. I love the rings too.

Angela said...

Congrats to your mommy!!!