Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joyeux anniversaire.

It's almost over, but today is my twenty-sixth birthday!

I celebrated by being ridiculously busy with work all day--I didn't even manage to put on a shirt until after 3 p.m. I never knew I could be so busy just sitting around in my underpants. If Jason knew I had spent the day working topless, he would have come home at lunchtime.

In between crazy work moments, I got calls from loved ones. My sister told me that today was the worst day of her life, but I pointed out that she wasn't alive on the day that I was born, so technically the day that she was born (when she became my sister) was the worst day of her life. She was kidding, of course. My grandparents left me a message singing happy birthday, which my grandma then apologized for. I love my family.

Jason and I went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate, so I had the opportunity to dress up (as much as wearing jeans with a nice top and wedge heels is dressing up). I even put on makeup and wore jewelry! It's nice to glam it up a bit when I go out to make up for the unglamorous life I lead at home, where I spend most of my time cleaning up cat puke.

Jason spent most of the evening staring at my boobs, and I was thrilled to have my first meal of the day. (How do you expect me to feed myself on a day when I can't even manage to get dressed?) I had planned to do it up right and have a few drinks, but was so hungry that I only managed to have one--a shame, because The Cheesecake Factory's cocktails are so ridiculously good. I had a Georgia peach this time, but their pineapple mojito is my favorite, with the peach bellini and traditional mojito coming in close behind. And Long Island iced tea is a perennial favorite. My goal is to try every drink on the menu. I aim high.

Alas, my plan to seduce my husband with my inebriated charm and low-cut top failed. He went to bed 15 minutes ago.

I guess this is old age.


~Angela~ said...

Happy belated birthday! Congratulations on another successful trip around the sun!

Bayjb said...

Happy birthday! I love the picture you posted. You look great! I'm glad you got your "twins" oggled and had a nice meal. Doesn't get better than that.

Kayleigh said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love how Angela always says that for birthdays, P.S. You and your hubby sound adorable. And if I could work from home I would be in my underwear only, trust me. Totally relate. Cheesecake Factory is so delicious and within walking distance from my apartment. I try not to think about it! :)

ALF said...

Happy Birthday! The Cheesecake Factory = delicious. We don't have one here :(

Cary said...

Holy crap. Need any help with your housework? I do windows, tubs, anything you like.

Heidi Renée said...

Thanks, all, for the birthday wishes.

Cary - the hired help must be in a state of undress similar to mine, and they must do litter boxes. If that's your bag, you're hired!

Cary said...

I'm so there.