Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fail. Also, food.

All my bravado and decorating was for naught and my Red Wings lost the Stanley Cup. Boo, hiss, fail.

I've been consoling myself with foooooods. And crying myself to sleep (or not).

On Monday we had sushi at Toshiko (that was before things went downhill with the Wings, but whatever). I had seaweed salad, Agedashi tofu, an avocado roll, and a cucumber roll. I think I like seaweed more than I like desserts. I could eat seaweed every day. If we still lived near Minado, maybe I would. I hope there's all-you-can-eat seaweed in heaven.

The Wings lost game 6 on Tuesday. I have no idea what we had for dinner that day. I think I've blocked it from my mind due to the trauma.

On Wednesday I made Morningstar riblets, peas and carrots, and gnocchi and chickpeas with olive oil and garlic.

On Thursday I made Lightlife lemon pepper "chicken" strips, quinoa with Smart Balance and garlic (and parmesan cheese for Jason), tomato halves cut into flowers (I tried, anyway), and corn. I haven't done a cooking post in a while, I know. It's because I hate the kitchen in this poopy apartment. I'm hoping our kitchen in base housing will be a vast improvement.

On Friday I coerced Jason into bringing me home some Little Caesars pizza and Crazy Bread. The idea was to replicate the conditions under which I watched game 5. Superstitious? Yes. Delicious? Double yes. Too bad it didn't work. But I do still have half a pizza and a few slices of Crazy bread in the refrigerator, so there is that. If you've never had Little Caesars, you should try it. Their sauce is the best I have ever tasted. I can't even explain it.

The family that started Little Caesars also owns the Red Wings. I'm trying to keep my money in the family. The Ilitch family, that is.

Yesterday we busted out the Corvette and went on an adventure to Bakersfield so Jason could stake out some video game stores. Yeah, it was thrilling. But after that we got to have dinner. Jason, in typical man fashion, was all set to low-class it at Red Robin, but I was not going to let that happen. Instead, we consulted our friend the GPS and found the lovely Uricchio's Trattoria in downtown Bakersfield. I fail and didn't think to take any pictures, but it was a great atmosphere and the food was to die for. The drinks looked good, too, but we didn't spring for any this time. We did have dessert, though--Jason picked us out a piece of brownie cheesecake that they apparently bring in from a bakery in Beverly Hills. It was delicious--right up there with Cheesecake Factory. I had my leftover angel hair pomodoro for breakfast. Nom nom nom.

After that we came home and Jason played video games until 3:30 this morning. He's still sleeping now. I think it's time to go wake him up, yes?


Anonymous said...

I think everyone around here was doing routine stuff to allow the Wings to win..But unfortunately they did not. My neighbor was screaming all night at the TV. We were mocking him for awhile just to be funny.

I love Little Ceasers too but I prefer Hungry Howies so much more. I love the flavored crust.

Cary said...

Pizza Pizza!

What's a Red Robin?

Heidi Renée said...

It's a burger joint with table service. It's not bad, just not what I had in mind for a Saturday night.

Bayjb said...

I used to LOVE Little Ceasars and crazy bread. Wow you're taking me back. Go wake Jason up, it's afternoon!

Bayjb said...

I used to LOVE Little Ceasars and crazy bread. Wow you're taking me back. Go wake Jason up, it's afternoon!

Samsmama said...

LC rocks! Once a week Sam and I pick up a hot and ready $5 pizza. Red Robin is pretty good, but WAY expensive!

Sorry your team lost. :(