Sunday, April 12, 2009


As promised, my very own Cribs episode*:

MTV has nothing on me.

And just so you believe me about the ducks:

(I had the stray kitty bowls on the porch, but had to move them to the front door after the ducks found them.)

It's not that this place is a dump. It's not. We're thrilled to have the garage. And right after I filmed my "episode" we took the Corvette to the carwash in our apartment complex to clean it up. I've never heard of an apartment community having a carwash on the premises, but ours does. Just one of those do-it-yourself ones with soapy brooms, but still.

It's just that some of the stuff in here is so old and dilapidated. For what we're paying, more updating (of the cupboards, hardware, appliances...) would be nice. The inside of our shower is disgustingly stained, probably from the water, which is putrid. The floors squeak. There are no towel bars in the bathrooms. Some of the craftsmanship is really shoddy. The mantle over the fireplace is splintered where it was screwed diagonally into the wall.

But you know what? Life is good. I'm happy to be living under the same roof as my husband again, and that's what matters most. We'll laugh about this time in our lives someday. And this year's Easter is already better than last year's, simply by merit of not being in Massachusetts. We had dinner at a Chinese buffet then went and bought some cheap pots and pans and utensils to cook with until our good ones arrive.

Happy bunny day, everyone!

* I would have had this post up much sooner, but Blogger refused to upload my video several times and YouTube took its sweet time processing it. In fact, it may not even play properly if you're reading this right after I posted it. Sorry about that.


remember moments said...

Glad you made it there safely.

April said...

I'm sorry about the ducks pooping on your patio, but DAMN that little baby duck is adorable!!

As are your talkative kitties. :-)

The place has got potential...I'm sure it's hard to see right now cuz it's so empty but once you get all your stuff in you'll feel much better!

And what's up with the water? Is that a temporary problem, I hope?

Maris said...

You must be so thrilled just to be there and get settled in. Over time, you can fix up the place to your liking and it will really feel like home. I forget...did you buy or are you renting?

Anonymous said...

I think the place has potential but the water thing would bother me... I love the kitties... Love how they wanted to be involved in the filming!!

I hope your stuff gets there soon!

Samsmama said...

That was great! And I'm SO glad you did the obligatory shot of the fridge. Awesome!

And WOO-HOO to be with your hubby!

Angela said...

Oh, it was great to see you again!