Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flowers and Floors

Saturday was supposed to be a big day. We were supposed to get our belongings from the movers (who took their sweet mother-effing time getting out here).

But NOOOO. They showed up driving a truck the size of Connecticut, and couldn't make the turn into our complex. No big deal, they say. We can get a smaller vehicle and shuttle things in, they say.

But NOOOO. Turns out there aren't any smaller trucks available this weekend. We'll have to come back Monday morning, they say. You look so disappointed, they say.

You THINK? I've been sleeping on the floor, working on the floor, eating on the floor, doing EVERYTHING on the MOTHRA FRUITCAKING FLOOR since April 7. And Jason has been in the apartment since April 1.

It is a damn good thing that the Navy is paying for this move, because I refuse.

If I don't get my furniture tomorrow, I'm going to make some grown men cry. TRUST.

Rather than sulking all day on Saturday, we got out the Corvette and drove up to Fresno to see the Japanese garden at Woodward Park. I am so glad that Jason convinced me to go, because being there lifted my spirits immediately. It was sunny, 80 degrees, and there were flowers and birds everywhere we looked. All I could hear were the sounds of the waterfalls and birds calling to each other. This peacock was strutting around by the entryway, trying to show all the peahens what a badass he was with his feather cape. When we passed him again later, he had stepped up his game and was displaying his feathers. The hens just ignored him.

The flowers in this region are gorgeous and seem to grow without any human coaxing. Not just in the Japanese garden, but everywhere. The rose bushes scattered throughout our apartment complex take my breath away. I do not, as I previously stated, "hate it here." While I still don't particularly care for our apartment, California is growing on me every day. The sunshine definitely helps. I told Jason earlier that it "makes me happy in my brain." There was nothing in Massachusetts that made me happy in my brain.

After the garden we drove around Fresno in search of food, deciding on Red Door Asian Bistro to stick with the Asian-themed afternoon. We had eggplant with miso sauce to start, I had stir-fried spinach with garlic sauce and steamed rice, and Jason had curry vegetable tofu. It was ridiculously delicious--we'll go back for sure. After that we drove around the hills outside Fresno, enjoying the scenery and lusting after rich people houses. It turned out to be a good day, after all.

One more night on the floor, people. It won't kill me.


Maris said...

I'm happy to hear that you're not paying for this! Moving is the worst, it's always complicated and things never go as planned. My fingers are crossed that you get your furniture!

Ruthibelle said...

Sunshine "makes me happy in my brain" too... I soo love that quote. Now I'll be using it with friends.

Happy to hear Cali's growing on you.

April said...

Yay! That sounds like a fantastic day! I'm jealous of the 80 degree weather. ;-)

Samsmama said...

I am SO hoping that things are goind well today, and that tonight finds you in your bed.

And? How excited am I that I can now officially "follow" you, rather than just stalking your page, looking for new post? Yay!

Bayjb said...

I am so jealous of your nice weather. The garden sounds amazing and I love that peacock picture!

remember moments said...

Oh - so jealous of your 80 degree weather. That sounds awesome and glad you guys went out on Saturday and enjoyed things instead of sitting on the floor some more.

remember moments said...

Left you something on my blog!!!

Cary said...

They really said, "You look disappointed"?

That's hysterical. The moving company that cares. Just not enough to actually move you.

Anonymous said...

forgive me, but after this I am rolling the FLOOR laughing!

I love Okemos, and I am a fellow Spartan. :)

Speaking of floors, I have a sub floor, because 2 years ago my husband ripped out our carpet and started to install a wood floor.

My dogs and I know where to avoid walking lest we cut ourselves on floor staples.


Heidi Renée said...

Maris - If we were paying, heads would have rolled.

Ruthibelle - It is growing on me!

April - I'm sure when it hits 100+ I'll be nothing but complaints.

Samsmama - Yay for followers! Too bad I only have seven, and one of them is me. FAIL.

Bayjb - It was stunning!

Remember moments - There is only so much sitting on the floor I can do before things get ugly. Thanks for the award!

Cary - Honest to god... I think she was trying to make me feel better, but it felt more like she was rubbing it in. Then again, she sleeps in a semi, so maybe she thought my sleeping bags on the floor looked pretty good.

Jen - I aim to entertain with my tales of woe! Always glad to find another Spartan blogger.