Friday, April 17, 2009

New Kids, New Cats, New Tweets

New Kids on the Block were just as amazing last night in Fresno as they were in Boston last year. They shuffled the set list some, including starting the show with "Call It What You Want" instead of "Single." It was fun to not know what was coming next. I was on my feet the whole time, dancing, screaming, and singing along. Like them or not, these guys put on one hell of a show--even Jason can attest to that! They'll be back in California in July... who wants to go?

Yesterday before getting ready to go to the concert I took out the trash and got the mail. While I was over by the bank of mailboxes I heard the distinctive sound of a kitten crying. I turned around and spotted this little darling cowering in some bushes. My cat lady instincts kicked in immediately. I went over and cooed to her until she came close to me, then I scooped her up into my arms. She kept right on wailing. She wasn't dirty enough to be a stray, so I knocked on the nearest doors (several times) to see if she had just accidentally gotten out. Nobody was there, so I took her home with me. I marched her straight upstairs and put her down on Jason's sleeping bag. He had been trying to nap, but I don't allow that during kitten emergencies.

We agreed that we couldn't leave her outside overnight since it was going to be too cold for a tiny kitten. I set up a kitty quarantine for her in our empty second bedroom, but the second I closed the door and walked away she started howling again. We decided to take the risk of leaving her loose with Jacob, Jasper and Lola. There was much growling and hissing from the peanut gallery, especially Lola, but nothing physical. We figured that if anyone started to pick on her she could dodge them by hiding behind the refrigerator--which she had already done once in the short time she had been inside. I knocked on the doors once more before we left, and a nice man (who showed me his cat) gave me the address of where he thought the kitten belonged. I tried them for the eleventy-dillionth time, but no dice.

When we got home late last night, all was quiet. There was no evidence of any cat wars. So we went to bed (well, we went to the floor, technically). Other than a few growls over crossed kitty paths, the night was peaceful. Today I alternated between working and kitten-watching. I'm sure you can guess which I liked more. After a ridiculously playful morning, she curled up on the top step and went to sleep. This afternoon I went over to knock on doors once more, and I found her people, so I took her back. She cried all the way there. I cried all the way home.

I guess I got attached. Who wouldn't? If I hadn't found her family, I would have tried to convince Jason to keep her--even though we already have more cats than we're allowed. I cannot resist a calico or tortoiseshell cat.

At the very persuasive urging of Joey McIntyre at the concert last night, I have joined Twitter. I'm heidi_renee. Now you know.

PS - If you liked my episode of Cribs, you should see Joey's episode.


cybeel said...

my fave NKOTB song is "Didn't i blow your mind"
we were singin' it loud with my friends
Ahhh those were the days :)

Anonymous said...

So jealous.. I would have loved to seen them. I have been in love with Donnie since I was a kid...

As for the calico.. I can see why you fell in love with her.. She looks so sweet.. I am the same way. If I did not already have 4 cats I would probably be taking in some if I could.

Heidi Renée said...

Cybeel - They haven't performed "Didn't I Blow Your Mind" at either of the concerts I've been to, but it is a great song. I actually like nearly all of their songs!

TOC - You would love Donnie even more now. They have definitely all improved since the 90s. And Donnie really takes command of the stage--a natural performer!

Samsmama said...

I've never been a fan of theirs, but SO many of my friends are!

That kitty is adorable!! I miss having little purr balls sometimes.

Bayjb said...

So glad you had fun at the concert :) Love the kitty pictures too.

Cary said...

That's a wee kitten to be out on her own, no? You did a good thing. I bet your hissers/growlers miss her too.

Heidi Renée said...

Lola sure doesn't miss the kitten. The funny thing is, all three seem rather fond of the adult cat who I've been feeding outside. They do nose kisses through the screen.

April said...

Oh my Gosh she is the cutest kitty EVAH!!! I never would have been able to give her back!!!