Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cross-Country Road Trip, Part the Second

So that snowstorm in Nebraska last night was apparently more of a disaster than I thought. Two people died and lots were stranded due to impassable roads. I feel lucky that I made it to my destination without any problems. This morning all of the roads were more or less cleared, but there were some plows still out working on the highway shoulders.

Tonight I'm staying in Grand Junction, Colorado. I'm on the top floor of my hotel and have an AMAZING unobstructed view of the Rockies. This is my first time in Colorado, and I am blown away by how gorgeous the mountains are. Tomorrow when it's light out I will take a picture of my view to share with you all later.

There was a point during my drive where I reached the top of a hill, and all of a sudden, there they were: Mountains! With snowy peaks and rocky outcroppings and pine trees! And I could see it all with my own two eyes! My heart fluttered in my chest and my eyes welled up with tears, seeing all of that unspoiled beauty. It took my breath away. I would love to come back some time when I can enjoy it more (and enjoy it with Jason).

At one point I was driving along, twisting through the mountains, and there were these random bighorn sheep right by the side of the highway, grazing on the grasses. I had to call Jason right that second because there is very little that is more exciting to me than seeing the native wildlife wandering around like they own the place (because... they do!). Heaven help us if I ever get to see llamas in Peru. I will probably have to call each and every one of you to share the joy.

I am now 2,220 miles into my journey. Only 880 miles left to go!

Here's my progress:

California is getting closer and closer.

Here's a little tidbit from Des Moines. I meant to post it while I was there, but... I didn't. (And sorry the volume is so low. Apparently I wasn't speaking loudly enough for the microphone built into my laptop.)

Jasper and Lola are asleep on the bed right now, and Jacob is curled up on my laptop sleeve on the couch on my lap nesting on top of my backpack. I guess sitting in a carrier all day is exhausting. Sitting in the driver's seat sure is.


April said...

I give you LOTS of credit for making this long trip with three fur-babies and no other human! You are she-woman! I'd be a frazzled, blubbering mess (and part of that is becuz my cats DO NOT like travel of any sort, even just for 15 minutes in the car! Getting them into cat carriers is PURE torture. For all of us!). ;-)

Ruthibelle said...

how wonderful. the view. unspoiled beauty gets me too :)

Samsmama said...

Just dropping in to wish you good luck at the big dance tonight. Us KU fans have a big grudge against Coach Roy, so we're all rooting for you. I'm wearing my "Ruck Foy" shirt for good luck.

Maris said...

Wow! Your trip sound unbelievable and I'm glad you made it safely!

ALF said...

Sounds like your trip is going well. I'm also a huge fan of seeing wild animals - hopefully you'll see lots more along the way! Drive safe.

Cary said...

My reaction was similar to yours the first time I saw the Rockies -- which, incidentally, was on a cross-country drive to Yellowstone Park.

Speaking of, that's the place you need to go if you like free-range wildlife. I saw bison, elk, moose, grizzly bears (from a distance, luckily), bighorn sheep, deer and more. They say mountain lions are there, but I never saw any. Ditto wolverines.