Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's alive. ALIIIIIIVE!

Let's talk about someone who is alive and well. It will be a nice change of pace around here.

You may remember that I worked very hard to prepare Plant for the drive out to California, and that once we arrived, it was not very happy.

Well, I am please to report that Plant has survived. I wasn't sure it would. Back while we were living at the fail apartment, Plant dropped every single leaf. Literally, EVERY. SINGLE. LEAF. All that was left were branches. I was sure that it wasn't going to bounce back, but I chopped off the dead branches, put the pot in a sunny window, and hoped for the best. As if by magic, little green shoots began to appear along the branches where there had previously not been any leaves. This was it! Plant was making a comeback! I was thrilled, because I did not want to be the one who killed Plant. That would have been like offing a member of the family!

Plant is now living happily in the corner of our kitchen, having survived a cross-country trek and the fail apartment's cow water.

P.S. Velveteen loved Plant.


JW.BW said...

Thats great!!! I've never taken a plant cross country, but I did bring a huge tree from VA to MISS and back in 2001 and 2002, he still lives in my Va Bch house as he has gotten too big to be moved anymore. I hope the new people that buy my house like him...

Bayjb said...

Your title for this post is hilarious. I'm so glad the plant has adopted to its new home and is getting settled nicely :)