Monday, December 14, 2009

increasing my carbon footprint

Tomorrow morning bright and early I'll be heading to the land of these guys:

sports pictures, detroit redwings
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No, not Sweden and Russia. Rather, Hockeytown--a different mother land entirely. Mine!

I'll be taking these tasty snacks with me since I'll be in airports from 4 AM Pacific to 8 PM Eastern time. I love my random imported commissary food!

I have all of my holiday shopping done (and paid for).

I only need to add a few more last-minute items to my suitcase.

I also need to get the cats off of it.

My parents' cats are going to have a field day smelling my luggage. I think the cat lady disease is starting to spread, because my mom and stepdad have a cat now, too. And my dad and stepmom have a mighty flock as usual. If you don't want to end up with a cat sleeping on your head at night, I suggest you stop being friends with me posthaste.

Get ready, I'm coming home.*

* Holy crap, I love that song. It needs to be on iTunes, stat.


Cary said...

Have a great trip, chica.

Bayjb said...

Have a great trip. Hope the cats were your carry ons :)

Brittany Ann said...

Have fun!

K13 said...

Have fun in the big Detroit. Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

You should be there now! Lucky!