Sunday, December 13, 2009

Party! + Bo2k9BC: Best Change to the Place I Live

Friday night we went to Jason's command Christmas party at the Visalia Convention Center, along with about 600 other people. I had never been to one of those things before, so wasn't sure what to expect. Luckily, I managed to dress appropriately (black pants and sparkly top with big hair and dramatic eye makeup). The food left something to be desired, but I managed to pick around the piles of beef and chicken on my plate and salvage some vegetables and potatoes.

We ended up having a fantastic time: the drinks were flowing, we won a $10 gift card to Jamba Juice, and even went to an awesome club with some of Jason's coworkers afterward. At one point we saw a Corvette (not ours) on the street and I said I should lick it. One of Jason's coworkers said he'd pay money to see that. I probably should have taken him up on it, but the poor guy had already bought Jason a shot and a beer and who knows what else for other people so I didn't want to take advantage. The only casualty was an earring that somehow fell out of my ear; presumably while dancing at the club (because I am awesome and spastic like that). No worries, though, it was a cheap set I've had for years.

There may have been barf the morning after, but I'm not saying what species the barfer was. There are multiple choices around here.

Today's Best of 2009 Blog Challenge prompt is: What's the best change you made to the place you live?

I kind of already wrote about this in my first Bo2k9BC blog. To sum that up, moving to California was exactly what we needed to do. The next best change is moving from the fail apartment to base housing. Since we've gotten settled into base housing, we've made some nice changes--like getting our washer and dryer and our new bedroom furniture. I've successfully battled the ant hordes and my cuckoo neighbor. I've befriended my feline neighbors, including Coco (who may actually be a boy, but I haven't confirmed that yet).

All in all, we are very happy in our new state, new home, and new life.

Even if Coco is always trying to break in:


Bayjb said...

Congrats on winning the gift card. Sounds like it was a fun night!

JW.BW said...

Command Xmas parties are usually a blast, followed by way too much drinking at a club after... LOL. glad u had fun!!