Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, he probably eats too.

I got an e-mail from my stepmom earlier today with some cute pictures of my dad asleep, covered in a pile of cats. She asked "Does [your dad] ever do anything other than sleep?"

I'm going to use genetics as an excuse, then, because this is what I did all weekend, pretty much:


Lie around!

Losing an hour on Saturday got me off track, but the real culprit is Jason's new schedule. He switched to working the second shift last week--3:30 pm to 1:30 am Sunday through Wednesday. It's the complete opposite of my 6 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday work schedule (I work East Coast hours), and I haven't worked out yet how to meet Jason's needs while getting more than a few uninterrupted hours of sleep at a time. I've already had two naps today and I could definitely take another right now.

Our cats aren't sure what to make of the change, either, but they are thrilled to take naps with me. The cutest thing about it has been waking up after falling asleep on the couch, and finding Lola all muffined up on my chest. We have our lady time, she and I.

Adding to my general fatigue level is that I haven't had any coffee since Jason made the switch to his new shift. When he was getting up at 5 am every morning, I would get up with him and make a pot of coffee so he could take a travel mug to work. Then I would sit down with my own cup and get to work. Last week I just never worked up the energy to make a pot for myself. Dumb, right?

This is Navy life, though. We worked opposite schedules when we lived in Virginia Beach, and we survived that. This is probably temporary, anyway, since in a month or so there won't be enough people in his shop to staff two full shifts. In the meantime, I guess I'll just be useless on the weekends.


Brittany Ann said...

Our entire time married - before Navy - we lived this life. It was rough, but it had a romantic side,too!

Bayjb said...

Aww I remember falling asleep and waking up in a bed of animals. Last Friday I was at a friends house and was almost smothered by dogs. But I loved it.