Tuesday, March 30, 2010

from the blotter

Something miraculous happened on Friday. I'll tell you, but brace yourself first.

Braced? Alright.


As a reward for being such an obedient husband, I let him upgrade his XBox 360. So now he has a black one, and that's all that's different as far as I can tell. And then I bought myself some celebratory ginger beverages:

From left to right, The Ginger People's ginger beer, Boylan Bottling Co.'s ginger ale, Fentimans ginger beer, Maine Root ginger brew, and Bundaberg ginger beer, all from World Market.

Apparently my relations are pretty good at sports. You might remember my golfer cousin from two years ago. Well, she's still playing, now for Michigan State! And today my other cousin was named hockey player of the year by the local newspaper! Hooray athletically-inclined cousins!

Speaking of Michigan State and athletics: Final Four, baby! I think back fondly to last year when I braved a blizzard to watch my Spartans play in the Final Four. I'll be checking the riot status meter often on Saturday.

We've spent nearly $1000 on our cats so far this year and are anticipating a bill of at least $200 for Jasper's vet appointment on Thursday. Almost half of that $1000 has gone to Jasper's vet bills. FML.

Remember how I went to Virginia for work last October and painted pottery with my boss? And how I had to assure the group that I am not an alcoholic? Here's what I painted:

Yes, it's a shot glass. Decorated with coffee beans. That says "ADDICT." It's for my espresso maker! I have not yet used it for booze. I'm more of a drink first, measure later sort of boozer.


Samsmama said...

I know nothing about the XBox. However, my 5 year old managed to sign on to XBox Live and "upgrade" his game. To the tune of $70. Excellent.

Congrats on your final fourness. I was pulling for KSU just to have a Big 12 team in it, but was not so secretly pleased when they lost.

Brittany Ann said...

Your husband officially one-upped my husband with this move. Maybe if I let him upgrade his Xbox...