Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quotes from the Boat, Volume 2

My husband says funny things. Funny things that often become even funnier in the voiceless environment of e-mails sent amidst the chaos of deployment on an aircraft carrier. In my Quotes from the Boat series, I'll be sharing select gems plucked straight from my e-mail correspondence with the king of the cruise himself. From funny, to touching, to just plain weird, these are Jason's musings from aboard the "big metal city."

Man, I could really go for a beer.

It's too bad that I forgot my calculator.

Good job on your homework!

I love it when he sits next to us on the couch!

The AC on the boat isn't too overbearing.

Very poor planning was obviously involved.

I bet the bus will be tiny too. That way there we can all squeeze in it with our huge bags and annoy each other.

These racks don't exactly do wonders for your back.


Jason has now been home for a few days, and returned to work today. At lunchtime he told me that a coworker commented that he looks older. I don't know about that, but transitioning from boat brain to home brain is always an adjustment, so I was glad that we had the long weekend to spend together before he had to launch back into his regular schedule.

Quotes from the Boat will return in a couple of months when Jason goes back out to sea. In the meantime, I'm sure he'll pepper us with plenty of pithy punchlines from right here on shore.

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April said...

"These racks don't exactly do wonders for your back."

OMG, LOL, welcome to our world, buster! (okay I realize he said it in a totally different context but MAN did that make me laugh)