Saturday, September 18, 2010


Jason spent last night installing and uninstalling and reinstalling a new wireless router. He did the whole process again this morning when the first router turned out to be a dud and he had to go get another one, so I was in a bloggy time out for the past 24 hours. I took the opportunity to (mostly) catch up on the DVR and to get my fill of college football. Victory for MSU! And with a sweet trick play, too:

We also got a new scale this week--a fancy one that measures your body fat percentage by shooting an electrical current up through your feet. This purchase both intrigues and angers me. It intrigues me because every time I step on it I imagine it zapping through my feet, and I can't help but whisper "BZZZZT" to myself. It angers me because it weighs me two whole pounds heavier than our old scale, which had lost all of its feet and was probably weighing incorrectly because it was improperly balanced. It also angers me because now I know what my body fat percentage is... yikes!

Speaking of body fat percentage, go meet my new friend Annie the pot cat over at List of the Day. I'll wait.


Seriously, I never tire of watching silly cat videos (while my own cats are acting insane in the background).

Tomorrow we'll be getting up at the crack of dawn to drive down to Anaheim and meet my mom, stepdad, stepsister, and her fiancé at...


We're wicked excited. You'd think we were 8 years old, rather than 28.

I'll be taking my camera and my laptop, so I might check in at some point. If not, we'll be home on Tuesday.


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I hope you guys have fun in Disneyland! That will be s much fun.

The Steffens said...

hahah, oh those darn scales that measure you "accurately" I hate 'em :)

Have fun in Disneyland!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful road trip! Enjoy it!! :)