Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quotes from the Boat, Volume 3

My husband says funny things. Funny things that often become even funnier in the voiceless environment of e-mails sent amidst the chaos of deployment on an aircraft carrier. In my Quotes from the Boat series, I'll be sharing select gems plucked straight from my e-mail correspondence with the king of the cruise himself. From funny, to touching, to just plain weird, these are Jason's musings from aboard the "big metal city."

I am sharing this "fun" job with another second class.

I wish I remembered my slippers, though.*

I think about you a lot too. It's one of the things that give me hope and make me happy while I'm deployed and away from home.

Some people perspire very easily.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wee Man came onboard while I was sleeping and I did not get a chance to meet him.

I've been craving beer since I've been out here.

It's also nice to see your smile. It brings a little light to my day.

The days are starting to meld into one long continuous day. I just wake up and do the same things every day. I'm starting to lose track as to what day it even is, most of the time.

I've been dying for some salad.

Friggin' idiots I have to deal with. God help me.

Jacob could be a secret weapon and we could drop him off in Afghanistan. He could then annoy the shit out of the Taliban and make them give up.

I never cared for caviar, myself.

I'm definitely glad you're not the psycho with "man friends".

I wish I could have a glass of wine.

Every day that goes by is one day closer to coming home.

Not that I even like cow milk to begin with.

I’ll never run out of shampoo.

The nerve!


* I mailed the poor man his slippers.


Brittany Ann said...

Well, at least he'll never run out of shampoo, though they seem to have run low on lettuce!

Angela Noelle said...

So, are they not able to have perishable foods on board (ie salad)? Sorry if that's a dumb question! I don't really know how it works as far as getting supplies from off the sub ;)