Wednesday, October 28, 2009

- cat, + husband

Monday afternoon brought the departure of the orange kitty, whose family had been out of town for the weekend, which is why they didn't call. It turns out that her name is actually Princess, not Bella. The base vet confused her with another cat that family has. I was sad, but I did what I could to compel the guy who came to get her to do a better job of keeping her inside. When I mentioned that she has been over here almost every day for two months, he just said, "Yeah, she gets out." YA THINK?

I took down their address and phone number so that the next time she comes to visit, I can take her back over there myself... but only after I spoil her rotten for a day or two.

Monday night Jason returned from his trip to Massachusetts. The tales of familial drama and strife with which he regaled me made me very glad that I stayed behind to guard the fort (and that we moved away from there).

But enough about that--I promised to post kitten videos from my work trip, so here they are:


Anonymous said...

I always love your kitty posts! Thanks for cheering me up with them!

April said...

Oh my cuteness, those baby kitties!!

BeautifulWreck said...

Maybe you should steal that cat. I'm just saying.