Saturday, October 10, 2009

my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

Tomorrow morning I'm jetting off to my former stomping grounds of Norfolk, Virginia. I'll be there until Friday for work. Although I've worked from home since early 2007, I need to go back to train some people on certain aspects of my job, so that everyone in my department has at least a basic understanding of my duties (in case I want to take a day off... or get eaten by Bunniculas).

It should be fun, if my trip to the Oakland office in July was any indication. I haven't seen my Norfolk work buddies in two and a half years, and I'll get to attend the all-staff meeting at a local movie theater (no, we don't get popcorn). At the very least, this trip is a chance to accrue some frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points on someone else's dime.

I probably won't be reading blogs or tweeting during business hours next week, but I'll try to check in at night.


JW.BW said...

YEY NORFOLK!!! I sooo wish I was going with you. One of my absolute favorite people EVER lives there!! Enjoy it!! Have a great trip

Cary said...

I always wondered who holds meetings in theaters whenever I see the ad card before the movie.