Friday, October 23, 2009

cat lady to the rescue

When I went to the kitchen to make my lunch this afternoon, I looked out the sliding door, and who should be napping in the back yard but the orange kitty. She doesn't always come around during the daytime, so I knew this was my chance. I scooped her into one of my ever-ready carriers (seriously, I keep one in the living room) and headed over to the base veterinary clinic to have her scanned for a microchip. It turns out that she does have a family here on base, but the vet tech couldn't get them on the phone.

We were in a bind. The clinic is closed on weekends so they couldn't keep her, and couldn't release the family's information to me to drop her off with them myself. Since her clinic records say she's fully vaccinated, I bit the bullet and brought her home with me (um, yeah, Jason is going to be so pleased). I had the clinic people call her family again to leave a message with my phone numbers so they can call me to come get her, but really, I'm not sure they will, since she appears to have been wandering around outside since the beginning of August, and has been eating here regularly since the end of September. She's sleeping in one of our living room chairs right now.

They tell me that her name is Bella. I think it suits her.


Brittany Ann said...

Considering I acquire a fair number of dogs this, I say keep her. Who says we need to give birth to them, er, raise them from animal infancy to become their mothers?

JW.BW said...

Maybe she just likes to vaca at your place! you seem to always be so sweet to her.

Anonymous said...

We have a border this weekend too!!! I found a cat the other night and it ends up my Mom wants her... Since she is going to be spayed on Monday I did not want her to have to stay in the cage all weekend so I brought her home and she is loving it here.

Jamie said...

If you get to keep her, I think it's perfectly sweet that both girls have girly girly names. :) But her family? They SUCK. What's the point of putting time and effort and money into a pet and then just letting it run loose and wild?