Sunday, October 25, 2009

meanwhile, back at the ranch

...Jacob was up to no good.

As usual.


Anonymous said...

Love the video!! Let me know if you want me to email you one I have of Pumpkin & Sweetie attacking one another!

Jes said...

I miss my kitties SO much, and your videos help by bringing a little bit of cat-loving right onto my lap(top).

p.s. sorry about "Princess" and her deadbeat family. At least she has somewhere safe and loving to escape to!

p.p.s. My cat, Phoebe, is an indoor-outdoor cat, and was gone for about 2 months not too long ago. Turns out, she was 3 houses down the entire time... Her name and phone number were on her collar. They did not call, and we thought she was dead :( One day, my dad saw her as he drove down the street and was like, "wha...?" So good for you for trying to contact them, because not all families are deadbeats!

Jamie said...

Our Dryer is Boyd's Rocket Ship. He's all Going to the Moon, BRB. Maybe Jacob is a astrocat too!