Friday, July 30, 2010

Foodie Friday: Maybe next time we'll get a corkscrew.

It's Foodie Friday! Foodie Friday is my weekly feature that gives you a window into my kitchen. I love to cook, I love to eat, I love to read cookbooks, and I love to inspire people to give vegan food a chance. Thus, Foodie Friday was whipped up and baked to perfection.
I didn't do a ton of fancy cooking this week. In fact, tonight we got Vietnamese takeout from Saigon Pho and Rolls, which we washed down with Amstel Lights and a bottle of white wine (Riesling that my sister picked out for me over the phone, infant wine drinker that I am). In a feat of brute strength, Jason opened the wine with a screw and a hammer. Even Chuck Norris was impressed.

Last night, though, I made egg-free quiche again. I used the same recipe as last time, minus the bonus Smart Bacon because the commissary was all out. We finished this bad boy off at lunchtime today.

Earlier this week, I made the requisite 1,000 Vegan Recipes dinner. This time, I picked pineapple-glazed tempeh and sweet potatoes. The recipe didn't actually call for the grilled pineapple rings--that was my genius addition. This was delicious and very filling!

I love tempeh, but I don't get to cook with it very often these days because the closest place I've found that carries it is in Fresno, 45 minutes away. We're not usually in grocery-shopping mode when we go there, and I can't exactly keep a bag of food in the car in triple-digit temperatures. Add this to the list of things I miss about Massachusetts: tempeh on the shelves at the local grocery store.

Come back next Friday--we'll have chocolate chip cookies!


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Can you do a video of how he opened that bottle of wine with a hammer and screw? I'm dying to see how that works.

Salt said...

Mmmm I love quiche. I've never tried to make it at home, but this sounds great!

PS I hung out with your fabulous sister on Saturday!