Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That hat is amazing and I will not believe otherwise.

Do you guys know what day it is? Do you? Do you?

For all you smart asses who rolled your eyes and muttered, "Wednesday, July 28th," well, you're right. But do you know what day yesterday was? "Tuesday, July 27." Right again. But what else was it? Huh? Got you there, didn't I?

It was my mom's birthday!

I dressed fancy for the occasion.

Ok, so that picture's actually twelve years old, but I do still have that hat, and I wore that pearl necklace at my wedding.

You're probably wondering what earth-shattering event made me miss posting on the actual day. Well, last week we bought a new couch. That's right, no more ugly couch!

We were told that it wouldn't be in for two weeks, but the furniture store called yesterday wanting to schedule the delivery... except they could only do it today. Otherwise, it could only be delivered... not soon.

Cue me panicking because I. Wasn't. Ready! The old couch was still sitting where the new one needed to go. I had five boxes of Goodwill donations stacked in the hallway in the way of everything. And I needed. To. Vacuum!

I know, at that point I got a little ridiculous. The vacuuming probably could have waited.

As soon as Jason got home, we made the 35-minute trek to the nearest Goodwill to hand over the goods. That done, my entire process got derailed when we came down with a case of hungry husband. What was I to do? I couldn't tell the dear man that we didn't have time to go to Olive Garden when he's going to be spending the next month sleeping in a coffin-bunk and eating boat food.

We pushed the old couch to the side when we got home last night, and I took care of the vacuuming this afternoon before the delivery truck came. On a side note, having furniture delivered to a military base can be a huge hassle, and less-than-bright truck drivers do not expedite the process.

But, all's well that ends well.



Jason is supposedly giving the ugly couch away to a bachelor coworker. In the meantime, we have two.

Maybe we should keep it this way, though. My mom and stepdad are coming to visit in September (yay!), and that way we'd have a seat for every butt--including the furry ones.

But if you smell flames from the west, don't worry. We Spartans are experts.


H.C. Bishop said...

I love that hat.

Angela Noelle said...

Yay! Congrats on the new acquisition ;)

Jamie said...

That hat is AMAZING. Also, everyone I know has more couches then they need, and I have none. Sad Panda.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That hat is amazing. Please post a recent picture of you wearing it. That's too cute to leave in the closet!