Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm rioting in my mind.

Today Michigan State lost in the Final Four and Spartans everywhere cried into their beers.

And then threw their bottles down and burned their couches. According to The State News, police said that "'a couple' of couch fires have been reported in East Lansing." However, the riot status watch was never elevated, so it might not be worth a mention on the MSU riot Wikipedia page.

Too bad, because our ugly couch is just asking to be sacrificed in a proper ancient Spartan burial ritual, and I was counting on a riot as my excuse to have a little bonfire.

I feel only slightly comforted in knowing that there are other people who must live with such a monstrosity in their living rooms:

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Maybe next year we'll win it all (and get a new couch) and then I'll convince Jason to let me sacrifice our current one in the name of Tom Izzo.

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