Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things that are making me smile today

  • I just watched my Michigan State Spartans play basketball on ESPN in high definition, on Jason's most excellent TV. It was like being at the Breslin Center, except with a better view. And they won (and that article was written by a fellow MSU School of Journalism alum)! Spartan sports are central to my existence.

  • I got a shot in my arm today and the guy who gave it to me was shorter than me... I'm 5'3". I wanted to hug him. Then he put a neon yellow bandage on my arm and I wanted to hug him even more. But I didn't. Because he had needles.

  • The Oatmeal's "How To Use An Apostrophe." Read it. It makes my journalism major spidey senses tingle.

  • The Oatmeal's "15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee." It makes my inner barista squeal with glee. "Clearly humanity has a thing for black drippy liquids."

  • The Oatmeal's "17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat." Because this blog seems to revolve around cats lately (sorry about that). Hell, I like everything on that site.

  • This is for that high school principal in Massachusetts who banned students from saying "meep":

  • Joey Mac's new solo video (I think I just drooled on myself):

  • Lastly but not leastly and best of all, Jason is coming home in a couple of days!


BeautifulWreck said...

That is a great yellow bandage you are sporting.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Bright and sunny bandaids are happy!!

Also, thanks for the links on this. Good stuff!

Cary said...

If I were 5'3" I'd jump off the nearest ladder.

Nice bandage, though. I think it qualifies you to be a school crossing guard.

Heidi Renée said...

Darn, I knew I shouldn't have thrown that thing away.

The school crossing guards on base are actually sailors. I always wonder what sort of trouble they got in to get assigned to that duty.

Allie O. said...

Good time to be an MSU fan, no?