Monday, November 16, 2009

When I checked him, I saw balls and left it at that.

My Orange Boy Kitty stopped by this afternoon, so I grabbed the opportunity to run him down to the base vet to see if he was microchipped. Surprise, he wasn't. So off we went to animal control, orange boy yowling bloody murder all the way.

The intake officer double-checked for a chip (no dice), and then we discovered that he was neutered. When I checked him, I saw balls and left it at that. Turns out (and this might be kitty anatomy TMI for some of you), orange tomcats tend to have bigger scrotums than other cats, big enough that even after neutering they still look, well, ballsy. Sometimes the only way to tell for sure is to just give them a feel back there. I left that part to the intake officer. Luckily for this kitty, she took quite a shine to him, carrying him up to the front desk for all of the other girls to see. When she brought him back, thoroughly kissed and cooed at, she had him cradled in her arms like a big orange baby.

She said that since he's so sweet and already snip-snipped, they'll have no trouble finding him a spot at a rescue. I'll miss his evening visits, but I know I did what's best for him. There's no such thing as a safe outdoor cat.

There's also no such thing as a safe indoor cat... trash can. I had an unfortunate casualty tonight--the kitty bathroom trash can my family has had since I was in elementary school. That's almost 20 years! I picked it up to empty it, and it slipped out of my fingers. The bottom cracked and shattered when it hit the floor.

Ooooops. I do still have the toothbrush holder, shower curtain, and tissue box cover. Sorry, cute little trash can!


Bayjb said...

Seriously the title of this post cracked me up. Bummer about the trash can, I always get attached to that stuff fro my childhood.

Cary said...

You can't glue that?

Heidi Renée said...

If it were one big piece that broke off, I would have tried to glue it. But the section that popped out shattered, and I'm not that good with glue.

Jamie said...

I think it depends more on the actual surgery they do when it comes to neutering. There's the complete ball removal, and there's the vasectomy. Boyd, for example, giant orange tomcat, but had the complete deballing. Chester, on the other hand, just had the vasectomy, (which is way cheaper, has a shorter recovery time- they can come home the same day, and leaves them some semblance of dignity, I guess) and has his little balls- they shrunk some after his surgery, but there they are. If I ever got another male, I'd definitely do the cherry-pitting, as Anton calls it, over the complete de-balling (de-cherrying?)again. And now I've talked way too much about cat testicles. Penis Penis Penis.