Friday, November 6, 2009

low-key Friday

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post. I am not used to being accosted or having my character attacked, so I was seriously shaken by the whole thing. I was very glad to know that everyone else thinks that woman has a screw loose, too.

It's a quiet Friday night for me. Jason's gone, so I'm just chilling, eating cereal for dinner. I dropped him off at the base airport yesterday afternoon, feeling pretty smug that we hadn't forgotten to pack anything. Then I got home and realized he had left his jacket in the back seat of the car. I panicked and turned around immediately to take it to him before his plane left, but I didn't make it. I had a knot in my stomach the rest of the evening because I didn't want him to get in trouble for not having a required uniform item. Luckily, he called last night just before boarding the ship in San Diego to say that it didn't matter. So, crisis averted.

Our house is turning into cat central. I know I encourage it by leaving food out, but I can't not when I know that there are hungry cats like Princess out there who just need someone to look out for them. Right now our neighbor's cat Coco is standing watch on our back patio. She has already let herself inside once tonight by sticking her claws through the screen door and sliding it, and now she's sitting there STARING in at me while I sit on the couch. Honestly, it's kind of creepy. And last night, I made another orange cat friend. This time, an unneutered male. I'm calling him Tom. Tom Cat Izzo. Get it? They both have balls. He hasn't been back yet today, but judging by how hungry and friendly he was last night, I'll be seeing him again.

Since Jason isn't here to amuse me, here are some things that are keeping me smiling in his absence:
  • This article about a groper getting caught on the T in Boston. It's not so much the article itself that I like, or even that he was caught (although that is great), but this paragraph: "On Oct. 19, an Orange Line passenger was allegedly groped twice by Hernandez. The woman responded by punching him in the face." I love it when reporters tell it like it is, rather than saying something vague, like "The woman retaliated with force." So points to you, Laura Crimaldi, for making this erstwhile journalist's day with your accurate and (probably unintentionally) humorous reporting.
  • This video of a rabbit and hamster chewing. The song makes it even better. Nom nom, nom nom, nom nom nom.
  • I'm going home to Michigan for Christmas!


Samsmama said...

So glad to hear that Jason isn't in trouble! I'd have been a nervous wreck, too. Way to go, Laura, don't sugarcoat it! And hooray for that woman! I'd have punched him in the face as well. And maybe a swift kick to the nether regions.

Jamie said...

It seems like every time I turn on the local news (which, honestly? Is not that frequently.) there's news about some molester on the T. And Anton wonders why I prefer to drive to Boston.

Also: Yay to home for Christmas! Time is not passing fast enough. Six weeks for me!

JW.BW said...

I like that your kitty is the master of her own destiny. Im so glad my lil retarded dog isnt smart enough to set her self free, the whole town would be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

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Bayjb said...

Oh my god that video is ADORABLE. I love bunnies! I've seen those videos before and that soundtrack makes me laugh too