Sunday, August 15, 2010

I told that cricket not to come in here.

Before Jason left for his deployment, we took Jasper to the vet for his routine bloodwork. The results were better than last time, but his blood sugar is still too high for comfort, so we increased his insulin dosage. We also had the techs clean up a hot spot on his face, resulting in a gnarly-looking open wound and a zombie haircut. Not to worry, though, Lola kissed it to make it better and he is healing up nicely.

Jacob and Lola have been keeping themselves busy with non-veterinary pursuits. Before Jason left, Jacob did everything he could to be a stowaway, including hiding inside Jason's sleeping bag and sea bag.

Lola has been working on her chameleon powers.

And finally, Jacob and Jasper take my safety very seriously while the man of the house is gone, and quickly dispatch all interloping crickets.


Salt said...

Take THAT, cricket jerk!
I'm glad you have such big, strong guys to watch after you while the hubs is away!

I'm quite impressed by Lola's powers!

Anonymous said...

Wow - go kitty-cats in cricket catching and killing! :)

The TX crickets are rather large...I'm missing MI today. Fall is going to be here soon, and I won't see the colors. BOO!

April said...

Your posts ALWAYS make me miss my kitties. Especially when they would kill disgusting spiders for me. LOL

Brittany Ann said...

Glad you've got those guard cats!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Whoa, that sore does look bad. Glad he's okay. And that picture of the kitties kissing is TOO CUTE

Angela Noelle said...

Aw, poor Jasper! You sure do have pretty kitties :)

averyswifeliz said...

Such cute kitties! Keep the kitty pictures and stories coming.