Thursday, August 19, 2010

The hat in action!

I introduced you to all of my resident California spiders but one the other day, so here's the shy one a wee bit late. She runs a bit of web from each end of the corner and just hangs there in the middle.

In cat news, remember how Jasper has refused to use the litter box since March? I've been making the best of it and giving him litter boxes lined with towels instead. Well, on Tuesday I took away his towel box and he has begrudgingly started using the litter boxes like everyone else. There have been a couple of accidents, but he seems surprisingly willing to use the boxes with litter in them now. It's a miracle! Fingers crossed that this isn't a fluke.

Finally, my feather hat was such a hit that I thought you might like to see it in action. Blink and you'll miss me:

I know the timing is completely off from the middle to the end, but I can't do anything about a 12-year-old VHS tape's glitches.

1 comment:

Cary said...

Wasn't sure which hat was you, but I'm sorry I missed that show, because it looks really awesome.