Monday, August 23, 2010

keeping busy

While Jason is deployed, I try to space out my errands and find things to do that require leaving the house. Sure, I could stay in for a week at a time, but I try not to be a total shut-in hermit.

This past weekend I ventured out to run errands on Friday and Sunday.

Ok, so I didn't just do errands. On Friday I treated myself to a much-needed pedicure, and on Sunday I treated myself to a vegan Frappuccino at Starbucks. Yes, they can make them vegan now! Just ask for soy milk.

I also got the cats a new toy that is turning out to be very popular: a golf-ball sized wad of solid dried catnip. If you watch the video, pay no attention to my moronic cat-lady talk.

Lola checked it out first, but last night Jasper was playing with it so vigorously under the bed that I had to take it away from him so I could go to sleep.

I've also been keeping myself occupied planning for the aforementioned parental visit. My mom and stepdad will be spending two whole weeks in California next month! Jason and I will be taking a leisurely week off from our respective works so that we can enjoy our time with them here in Lemoore... and go to Disneyland! The last time I did anything Disney was our cruise and park visit back in high school, so I'm well overdue for a dose. I was even able to save us $120 by getting discounted tickets through our Navy ticket office.

In other news, I guess my spider friends are spreading the word that insects are welcome here, because look who stopped by:

A giant praying mantis!

I told Jason that I expect bats to show up next.


Salt said...

For your sake, I hope that bats don't show up next. :)
My cats NEED a toy like that!

Bev said...

I love watching cats on the 'Nip. Kitty crack never fails to make me laugh!

Disney sounds like a blast. :)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Damn a mantis? That is crazy! Also, the toes look good, nice job!