Friday, October 15, 2010

Foodie Friday: Pasta and Brownies, squared

It's Foodie Friday! Foodie Friday is my weekly feature that gives you a window into my kitchen. I love to cook, I love to eat, I love to read cookbooks, and I love to inspire people to give vegan food a chance. Thus, Foodie Friday was whipped up and baked to perfection.
This week I made pasta twice and brownies twice.

First up, my STAB Rigatoni. That is, sun-dried tomato, artichoke, and broccoli. It's the same idea as my Sun-dried Tomato and Olive Strozzapreti: you cook and drain the pasta, mix in a jar of oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, and add whatever else you have on hand. For me, that happened to be a can of artichoke hearts, which I drained and quartered, and some frozen broccoli, which I steamed in the microwave.

For last night's dinner, I cracked open the good ol' 1,000 Vegan Recipes and picked out springtime rice noodles with coconut crème. I know, I'm such a rebel making a recipe with "springtime" in the title while everyone else is playing with pumpkin guts.

Finally, we have brownies pan uno and brownies pan dos. I wanted to surprise Jason with a treat one night, so I decided to give chocolatey peanut butter brownies from Vegan Planet a whirl. I botched the first batch because I didn't use the right kind of peanut butter. It calls for "natural" peanut butter, which I guess means no added oil, and then you add oil into it to make it smooth enough to mix into the brownie batter. Instead I used my oil-added Smart Balance peanut butter in addition to the oil called for in the recipe, resulting in something that resembled the Gulf of Mexico, BP-style. I tried again tonight, omitting the extra oil, and mostly redeemed myself.

Ok, I have to stop here. Craig Ferguson has people in a horse costume dancing around and I'm dying laughing.


Jamie said...

I only get to watch Craig on Friday's because I'm in bed too early the rest of the week. The horse bit killed me last night. Oh Craig.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That springtime recipe looks delish! Even if it is fall. I might have to check that one out!

Molly said...

OMG that springtime pasta dish looks goooorgeous!

i wish my BF wasn't allergic to coconut :(