Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Matron of Moscato

I'm relaxing on my couch with a glass of my Middle Sister moscato--just the thing for a mellow evening. This week I've been dealing with the return of the base housing ant army and a sicky-boy husband, so I am very glad that tomorrow is Friday. Jason is in such bad shape that he came home today on doctor's orders and is staying home tomorrow, too.

But more than anything else, I've been thinking about my sister's wedding. I am the matron of honor and I might be more excited for it than I was for my own.

This is what I'll be wearing on June 25, 2011:

I ordered the shoes yesterday, and I'll be ordering the dress as soon as I can get measured for it.
My sissy was my maid of honor (and my only bridesmaid), and I can't wait to return the favor. I just hope I look as cute in her dress of choice as she did in mine.

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K13 said...

How sweet!!

To this day I wish I had stuck with my original plan of having only one person stand up in my wedding...ended up with two...and honestly, since I now speak with neither of them, I should have went w/o. Ugh! Hindsight.