Sunday, October 17, 2010

I don't necessarily intend to eat them all at the same time.

This morning I sent Jason off for a week in Massachusetts with his family, whom he hasn't seen since he went home for his grandmother's funeral last October.

I felt quite blue after leaving him at the airport, but I decided to make the best of being in Fresno and went to Whole Foods. After spending more than my weight on various crunchy Earth people wares (Vegan vitamins! Seitan! Tempeh! Daiya nondairy cheese! Gelatin-free marshmallows!) and a bottle of white wine with a rabbit on the label, I felt 100% better. The checkout girl even thanked me for bringing my own bags. I thanked her for thanking me, because in the six or so years that I've been using cloth bags for my grocery shopping, not once has anyone thanked me. She made my day!

Jasper's surgery on Friday went well. He came home that evening and has been taking it easy all weekend. He has some gnarly stitches and a tube protruding from the incision site to drain the wound. It all looks pretty repulsive--like he got caught in a steel-jaw trap or something (picture here, but be warned: it is not for the faint of heart). The drain tube will be removed in the next couple of days, and the stitches will come out in two weeks. Until then, I have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't chew them to smithereens. He's uncomfortable, but in good spirits.

The vet bill was $596.95. Jasper's worth more to me than anything else that amount could have bought.

I'm going to try to make the most of my week as a pseudo-single lady. Right now, for example, I have five episodes of Castle to catch up on. Nathan Fillion, wah wah wee wah!


Jes said...

No judgment if you do eat them all at the same time.

P.S. Gelatin-free marshmallows? Fancy that!

Angela Noelle said...

Poor baby kitty!!!! I hope he heals quickly! I also hope your week without Jason goes by fast--sounds like you've got lots of yumminess to take your mind off of the loneliness :)

Jamie said...

I have a week of psuedo-single ladyhood coming up soon. Anton's going to visit his family in December for a week. My heart catches when I think about it, but I think it'll be a good week for him since he hasn't seen his parent since they stayed with us for that month last year.

Enjoy the Daiya! I am eating it for lunch because I put it on everything now.