Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The wine came after the car crash, I promise.

What did you all do today?

Wait, wait, I'll go first.

So far today I have gotten a lost cat back to her people, found out that Jasper does not have cancer, had a CT scan of my midsection, and backed my husband's car into a truck. In that order, and interwoven with a full day of work.

And now I'm drinking my rabbit wine out of a juice glass because why the hell not? The bottle had a screw top so it was easy enough for me to open without Jason's skills.

I haven't told Jason about the car yet, but I'm going to. He just hasn't called me yet tonight. It's not that bad, but I feel like a moron. Luckily the truck was unharmed and its owner seemed to be unconcerned.

But let's go back to the beginning. For the past few nights, I've been visited by a sweet stripey brown cat.

I was worried that he wasn't seeming to go home, so last night I brought him inside. After a sleepless night because of our cats' constant hissing and growling in his general direction, I took him over to the base vet clinic to see if they knew who he was. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was microchipped, so they took him off my hands to hold on to him until his people could come get him. Our cats were mighty happy to see me come home with an empty carrier.

Jasper was just glad that I wasn't trying to put him in it. He was originally scheduled to have his surgery drain tube removed today, but I had to rush him to the vet yesterday instead because he pulled half of it out on Sunday night. I've been looking for the little tube piece for two days, and I still haven't found it. I want to think that he didn't eat it, but this is also the cat who licks plastic bags for fun.

I talked to our vet again today (we're pretty much BFFs now), and he said that the biopsy of Jasper's lump came back totally cancer-free! It was large, but all that was in it was inflamed, infected tissue. Now it's all gone and once his leg is healed he'll be as good as new.

Are nachos and white wine a good pairing? Do I care if they're not?


Anonymous said...

Wait! What about the car/truck incident?

Have I ever told you that you have a fab sense of humor, and your writing reflects that? Nearly every time I visit, I leave laughing. :) (Serious posts are excluded, naturally)

The Steffens said...

You poor thing. You drink and eat whatever you want to!

Angela Noelle said...

Yay for no cancer! Boo for the car bashing incident :( But yay for not damaging the other vehicle!

tracey said...

I had white wine & animal crackers (aren't they really cookies?) last night. It wasn't a suggested pairing from the wine maker, but it made me happy. : )

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Jasper is in the clear. I just shot you an email asking you about it.. So I was glad to read it here afterwards! I do stuff that way ya know.

Sorry you had a crappy day. I have had those to and alcohol always works well with it!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Sounds like a full day! I hope no one was hurt in the car incident and I'm glad Jasper is okay, those balance out right?