Thursday, October 14, 2010

Next on the surgery roster is...

...Poor Jasper, who had a bad reaction to the feline leukemia vaccine he had last month, and now needs to have the resulting lump removed from the injection site on his leg.

As if twice-daily insulin injections for diabetes, sunburn, prescribed starvation, a bladder infection, explosive diarrhea, food allergies, rugburn, and a broken claw haven't been enough... And that's just in the past two and a half years (he's five).

We're pretty frustrated. Did Jasper, the sweetest cat you could possibly imagine, do something bad in another life to be dealt the crap hand in this one? Eternally bad karma or not, we have to get the lump removed and biopsied. It'll cost a few hundred dollars, but leaving it on him is not an option, since it could be cancerous.

Jason will drop him off at the vet in the morning, and then we wait... and wait... and wait for them to call us to pick him up.

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Anonymous said...

Aww poor Jasper! I will be thinking of him all day wondering if he is okay. I hate to hear that they have to go through this stuff. I have been having issues with 2 of my cats too. Pumpkin has a sore on his paw that is unexplained and Peepers well that is a totally different story. We thought she had a bladder infection but it turns out that she has "inflammation" and we are treating that but she is still peeing every few days. It is driving me crazy!

Jasper will be okay! He is so lucky to have both of you that love him sooo much!