Saturday, October 18, 2008

I swear we don't live in filth.

Last night I got a case of the wife crazies. I got so fed up with the messiness and junk in our apartment that I went on a cleaning rampage. Jason got swept along in my psychotic wake. We cleaned our bathroom and the cats' bathroom (if you click on the picture, you will see the poopy footprints that just had to go--the trail extended out onto the carpet in the hall!), unclogged our bathroom sink, vacuumed, took out several loads of trash, put away two loads of laundry, and set aside a few things to Freecycle. It makes a world of difference to get rid of the clutter! There's a lot left to do, but already I feel so much better.

Although I ended up throwing out some things I would have liked to have kept, like gift and packing boxes (we just don't have enough storage space!), we were able to give away some of Jason's old electronics equipment from when he was in technical school. Hopefully the high-schooler we gave them to will get good use out of them.

I also handwashed six bras that had been sitting on the closet floor, too dirty to wear again. I always put it off because it's so annoying to do. The obvious solution to this is to buy cheap bras that I can throw in the washing machine, but I can't bring myself to do that. I like my overpriced rack racks from Victoria's Secret too much. And honestly? They fit properly. And that's important when you're contending with D-sized lady lumps.

Speaking of Victoria's Secret, I finally took the plunge and ordered clothes from their Web site. It's the sweater in the picture, except a deep pink berry color that doesn't seem to be on the site anymore. I'm always hesitant to order stuff when I'm not sure it will fit. I have a few VS tank tops that I bought in-store, but since most stores don't have any of the clothes, I've never had the opportunity to try any of their sizes on. I've been ordering Gap stuff online for years, but that's because I know their sizing and am always 98% sure about how their clothes will fit me. I am happy to report that my sweater fits perfectly. I am very excited--a whole new world of "you can buy this in your underwear" has opened up to me! I'm contemplating getting the blue sweater now, too. Is it weird to have the same clothing item in multiple colors? I buy multiples like that all the time because I can never decide what I like best.

Wednesday night we sat down at the kitchen table and did our civic duty. That's right, I'm talking about absentee ballots. When I dropped them off at the town clerk's office on Thursday, a little shiver ran up my spine. All we can do now is wait--fingers (and toes) crossed.

The waiting is over for my mom--she and Phillip bought a house in Michigan and she'll be moving home in the next month or so! Our time living near each other in Massachusetts has been awesome, but we're both starting new chapters in our lives that will be even better than what we have now. I know we're both ready to leave this state!

I sure am. Jason is still in wait-and-see mode with the Navy. All he has left to do is pass his physical--it's just a matter of him finding the time to schedule it with the recruiter, a task more difficult than one would think because he has to go stay at a hotel in Boston the night before. That's the Navy--everything is on a schedule and has to be done just so. We miss that life. We'll have it back soon enough!


Bayjb said...

i seriously get in those cleaning fits too. I clean everything and anything in my wake. Then I get tired and lay down.

Kayleigh said...

we must be channeling each other. this past weekend i got together three bags of clothes from my walk-in closet and set them aside to be donated. then i went shopping and filled my closet with new things :) getting rid of clutter and unnecessary stuff just feels good!!

Heidi Renée said...

I have a laundry basket full of clothes I've been meaning to take to a secondhand shop. Our closet is a hot mess.