Sunday, October 26, 2008

It should have been 35-14, but who's counting?

Hail to the victors, indeed.
(Photo by Rod Sanford, Lansing State Journal)

It reminds me of another Michigan State victory, the 2001 clock miracle (another article here).

Finally, here's one last favorite trash-talk column:

Bring on the trash talk
By Krista Latham
The State News
November 2, 2001

We’ve heard it all before.

Michigan students call MSU students unintelligent, low-class, uncultured and socially inept. They say our campus is too big, our teams are easily beaten and our classes are jokes. We know nothing about their academic challenges, their social pressure or their massive collections of knowledge.

Meanwhile, Spartans students call Wolverines snotty, pretentious, boring, overambitious and big-headed. We complain they don’t even have a campus and their students take class competition over the top. They know nothing of our academic challenges, our social normalcies or our Spartan pride.

Our parties are riots. Your parties are lame.

We shop at the lowly mall. Your prissy skin crawls at the thought of a bargain.

Yes, we’ve definitely heard it all before....

On Saturday, I know some of those arrogant U-M students will find a way into Spartan Stadium. They’ll stand in our student section and say things like, “Go team, tally-ho!” They’ll act as though they know every single thing about every single player. They’ll shout out plays to head coach Lloyd “Scary face” Carr, as if he can hear them.

In other words, they’ll be those annoying ones that everyone will pick out and shower with obscenities.

And that will be fun....

You think you’ll win because you’re better. It’s your mantra, your security blanket in life. And we’re that person who sees you boast and then coolly gets the job done, smiles to ourselves and goes home.

That’s really why you don’t like us, isn’t it?


Cary said...

I never mind seeing Michigan lose. Unless they are playing Notre Dame.

Great win!

ALF said...

Michigan is terrible this year.

Heidi Renée said...

I consider this season my personal reward for all the suffering I went through at the hands of a Wolverine.
Not really, but it sure is fun to watch them crash and burn.