Saturday, October 11, 2008

On the banks of the Red Cedar, there's a school that's known to all

Today I had the pleasure of watching my Spartans dismantle Northwestern in football. Take that, NU, for rejecting me back in the day.

I was totally shocked that the game was even televised here--thanks, ESPN2! I made Jason "suffer through" the whole thing--watching football, he says, is even worse than seeing New Kids on the Block. It's funny how his profound dislike for them has evolved into a healthy tolerance when presented with situations he finds less appealing than hearing or seeing them.

Sadly, I found out too late that the MSU hockey team was playing in Massachusetts yesterday (Amherst) and today (Boston). It's the only time they'll be here all season, so I'm bummed.

This living in another state thing really cramps my Michigan State sports fan style. I worked hard enough to get two degrees from the place, and what does that get me? A successful career outside of Michigan, yes, but leaving has its drawbacks: where am I supposed to wear my hockey jersey and my vast MSU hoodie collection? Somehow, sporting my green and white while Jason fights ogres on the PS3 is not nearly as satisfying as doing so with other people who bleed the same green that I do. I always yearn for the brisk air and crunchy leaves on campus and the smell of Munn Ice Arena when this time of year rolls around--I don't think that feeling of nostalgia will ever leave me.

As a follow up to Thursday's post, I found someone whose couch is uglier than ours, and theirs (like ours) also comes with its own personal shredder cat. All ugly couches should, in my opinion. Behold:

more animals


Kayleigh said...

LOL LOL "ugly couch must die" that's too funny. my girlfriends and i email pics of lolcats every day during the work week. i don't think i'd survive without them.

yay to being obsessed with sports. i loves them, too. i have season tickets to the bears and look forward to going to those games every week.

reasons why i am obsessed with fall:

halloween + crisp weather + boots + football + cider + leaves changing colors = BEST TIME EVER.

Heidi Renée said...

Yeah, I definitely have Cheezburger in my reader, even though I have three LOLcats orbiting me most of the time.

Cider is the best. I buy it by the gallon. Fall is SO my favorite season.