Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sometimes my cooking looks like baby diarrhea but I promise it is far more delicious.

Last night I thought we didn't have anything good to make for dinner. Well, that's what Jason thought, because he can't envision combining things (that on their own are very boring) into a full meal. I, on the other hand, can. Which is how I came to make Thai "chicken" with spicy garlic peanut sauce last night.

After examining every item in the refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards several times and walking away convinced we were just going to starve (or eat cereal), it came to me. Make something like that Cheescake Factory dinner (Bang Bang Chicken) that Jason liked so much last weekend! (Yes, we went there twice in four days. I refuse to be embarrassed about that.)

Thai "Chicken" with Spicy Garlic Peanut Sauce

2 bags of Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips
1 onion, diced
10-14 oz. frozen veggies of your choice (I used a medley of peas, carrots, corn, green beans, and broccoli)
5 large spoonfuls of peanut butter (preferably a natural kind not loaded up with sugar, e.g., not Jif)
3 cups soy milk
2-3 large spoonfuls of chopped garlic
olive oil
soy sauce
chili powder

Prepare veggies according to directions on package. Sautée diced onion and frozen chik'n strips in olive oil (just enough to prevent anything from sticking to the bottom of the pan). In a small pot, heat soy milk and peanut butter on low heat, stirring to combine evenly. When soy milk and peanut butter have reached a saucy consistency, stir in garlic (use more if you really like garlic). Add soy sauce and chili powder to taste. I used about 10 takeout packets of soy sauce and 3-4 tablespoons of chili powder, but just keep adding and mixing until it tastes right to you. Mix thoroughly. When the chik'n strips and onion are cooked through, combine with drained cooked veggies in a large bowl. Pour sauce into bowl and mix until evenly coated. For a saucier consistency, make more sauce. Serve over rice.

Serves 2 adults with a ton of leftovers. So really it probably serves 4-6 adults.

Don't say I never taught you anything.


ALF said...

Ok, so someone else's post mentioned Thai food and that got me thinking about how much I like it. And now here you are, talking about it's deliciousness and now I must have some. Only we don't have any. :(

Heidi Renée said...

Thai food story: When Jason and I were first dating, he INSISTED that he did not like Thai food. I asked if he had ever had it, and he said that maybe he had tried something Thai once, but he wasn't sure. I won out because I am very persuasive and his argument was stupid, and soon after we went to a nice Thai restaurant. He loved it. Yet another example of why The Wife Is Always Right.

Bayjb said...

Wow the diarrhea thing does stick with me but that does sound delicious :)

Wickedly Scarlett said...

Oh my gosh, your title made me laugh!! I'm not a huge Thai fan, but my husband is, so I'll have to point him in the direction of this recipe.

Maris said...

LOL sometimes the best tasting food just isn't so photogenic! I eat oatmeal almost every day and hve a million different ways to make it but I just can't get myself to put pictures on the blog :)

Heidi Renée said...

Maris, story of my life. I have trashed posts so many times because I couldn't get a good picture!

Maris said...

LOL well I'm glad this one made the cut! It sounds great...despite your analogy :)

Hamster said...

If you like Thai cooking try this site
It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along.

Cary said...

The Wife is indeed Always Right. It's one of those immutable laws of the universe. The sooner a husband learns this, the better off he'll be. It took me far too many years to grasp it.

Bang Bang Chicken - I need to make that. If it's good, maybe I'll get bang banged afterwards.

Heidi Renée said...

If my husband cooked any kind of dinner, he'd get bang banged for sure. It would be some sort of sign of the apocalypse.