Thursday, October 30, 2008

Old-school Halloween costume time

In the spirit of the impending holiday, here is photographic evidence that I did used to participate in it. These are only the pictures I have--my mom has all the baby pictures. If she didn't have them all packed up for her move back to Michigan (on Sunday!), I would have scanned some of them, too.

This year we'll probably go out to dinner or lock ourselves inside to avoid the chaos. Not that I expect many trick-or-treaters to make it past our building's security doors... although they didn't stop people from getting in and vandalizing everyone's front doors and the hallway walls with red nail polish Monday night. They also dumped the cigarette butt receptacle all over the floor. Classy!

First up, from 1989 or 1990--second or third grade. The clown girl, Lindsay, lived in our neighborhood and was my friend all the way through grade school and into college. The princess is my sister, Katie. Can anyone guess who I am? Please post guesses in the comments! This is one of my all-time favorite Halloween costumes--so original, not from a store-bought ensemble, and it was totally 100 percent all my idea! My mom sewed the flag together for me.

My sister and I are wearing probably three layers of extra clothes under our costumes, including pants. It's cold in Michigan in October!

Next, from 1994--seventh grade, when we lived in Ohio. My sister was a carnival vendor--see her popcorn bags and the "souvenirs" on her vest? Her hat says Kirby's--the name she made up for her vending business. Such a creative costume. I was supposed to be an Egyptian princess or... something. Um, definite costume fail for me. And yes, I am wearing the crown from my sister's princess costume. Also on display are my nasty snaggle teeth (thank god for braces). I bought the hooker lipstick, beads, bracelets, and earrings at the dollar store. What can I say? I was a classy little broad in the Buckeye State. And my sister was ridiculously cute. Now, she's a knockout. As a birthday card I once gave her said, "Stop being younger than me, you bitch!"

Third, a back-to-back Heidi Renée costume fail from 1995, when we were back living in Michigan. Katie was a picnic. Brilliant once again, right? The detail was amazing--she even glued little ants onto it. It was the bases-loaded home run of costumes. The kids belong to my older cousins. Glinda the good witch grew up to be our lovely golf prodigy. The ballerina is follwing in my (admittedly rather mediocre) footsteps in Okemos choir and theatre. The boys are giant teenagers now, and do quite a bit of damage as hockey players. My costume was a court jester, if you can call jeans and an oversized red sweatshirt a costume. Fail, fail, fail. I think I am wearing the same hooker lipstick that I paired with my Egyptian princess costume. I am also rocking the braces. Eighth grade was an awkward time.

Fast forward to high school--senior year in 1999. Of course all of the drama kids went to school in costume. That's just how we roll (you should see the pictures of my costumes and makeup for our actual shows). I believe this was the year that Angela wore her fabulous magnet costume (or was it the year before? Please, please post a picture if you have one). That's Lindsay (from the first picture) in the camouflage, and the object of our mutual affection, Aaron, who was... Mexican? He was also the first boy to grab my boobs.


My boobs were smaller then. All of me was smaller then. I thought I was so chubby, but look at how little I was! Especially in the second picture, with my costume twin, Christie. Isn't hindsight always 20/20? I don't know exactly what this costume was supposed to be. I guess I just wanted to look hot.

Warped body image aside, senior year was one of the happiest times in my life. Definitely not as happy as now, of course, because now I have someone who likes grabbing my boobs enough to be my husband FOREVER. Wifery WIN!

I hope everybody has a good time tomorrow night, Halloweening it or not.


April said...

Very cute! I know exactly what you mean about the skewed body image too...I thought I was a total fat ass in high, yeah, not. I'm a total fat ass NOW. LOL

Anonymous said...

You know I'm pretty sure Aaron felt me up at one point as well. Such a boob guy.

Kayleigh said...

AWWWW love those pictures....and samesies to the body image stuff

Angela said...

Sadly, I don't know if I have a magnet picture anywhere... My mom might have one somewhere. I know that she kept the costume.