Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We go to Target often, actually.

The quest for the perfect PS3 continued on Saturday with a trip to Newington, New Hampshire, where a Gamestop had the model Jason was looking for. We enjoyed the scenic drive and the chance to take a longer cruise in the Corvette while the weather is still nice. It seems like all the other sports car drivers had the same idea--we saw a few other Corvettes and even a Ferrari.

We got into Newington and followed our GPS to where the Gamestop was supposed to be, but found an abandoned-looking building in its place. This is not the first time the GPS has sent us to the wrong place. We were once trying to find a Target and it sent us down a dead end dirt road. Ever since then, all driving mistakes due to the GPS have been called "going to Target." it happens more often than I'd like to admit, but I still don't know how people managed to drive anywhere before Mapquest and global positioning systems.

We finally found the Gamestop in a new shopping center down the street. Jason was relieved to find that they still had the PS3 and plunked down his wad of cash. That mission accomplished, we headed off on several other man missions like going to Lowe's to look at the tools and to Best Buy to price-check the video games. Those things done to his satisfaction, we decided it was time to find dinner.

Rather than hit up a chain restaurant we've been to a million times, I wanted to try something different. We settle on the Cataqua Public House, a pub at the Redhook beer brewery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We loved it! I was pleasantly surprised by the multiple vegetarian menu options, and I even liked the beer Jason got--I generally think beer is disgusting.

On the way home the GPS decided to be totally awesome and run out of battery power, then refuse to charge, so we were forced to navigate home without it. This lead to a slight detour over the border into Maine, but once we found the highway, we were on the right track... until Jason missed the ramp onto the highway that leads us home. At this point we were cruising around the towns outside of Boston, so he decided to head to his hometown, Malden, from which he would be able to get us home. We enjoyed the Malden detour--I liked it because we passed a dance club that I've been wanting to go to (insert Jason rolling his eyes here) so now we know where it is, and Jason felt a sense of accomplishment rolling through his old stomping grounds in a flashy car with his lovely wife and a PS3 in tow, a sort of silent "up yours" to everyone there who ever underestimated him (which is just about everyone).

Oh, and just in case you thought I wasn't going to mention New Kids on the Block this time, here's a video of Joey showcasing his mad dance skillz while performing "Twisted," a song from their new album, The Block, at our concert:

And here is the whole group performing "2 In the Morning," one of my favorite songs from The Block, at our concert:

Now I had better wrap this up before it really is two in the morning. Goodnight!


Bayjb said...

Aww that sounds like a really nice day :) On a mission!

Angela said...

Haha. "Going to Target" made me laugh.