Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lightening up

Lately I've been feeling super blah about myself in general, and about my hair in particular.

I haven't had my hair cut since November and I'm beginning to feel like it's turning brown, really brown. When I look at myself in the mirror, my brain screams "Brown, bitch, I'm BROWN!"

Me, the blondest blond child in the history of blond children! With brown hair!

From cutest baby on the block to BLAH BROWN

And not just any brown. The shade of brown reserved for tow-headed children whose recessive genes lost the battle for supremacy and whose scant amounts of eumelanin got tired of being a minority group. The shade of brown also known as the most boring color on the face of the planet: dirty blond--and not in the manner of Christina Aguilera circa 2002. Nope. Dirty blond in the manner of always looking dirty.

I haven't colored my hair at all since 2006, and before that there were only a handful of times that I used a boxed dye or got highlights in a salon. My blond ambition began with a disastrous run-in with Sun-In spray during summer camp in 1995, and it has come back with a vengeance this month. It didn't help that I got a 20 percent off coupon from my stylist in the mail today.

Alas, there are taxes to be paid soon and a room full of furniture that will require us to open our wallets again in a few months, so I feel like adding high-maintenance hair to our budget right now is out of the question.

Still, though, I know that I look good sporting a shade closer to my childhood hue. For example, the lovely highlights I got when I had my senior pictures taken in the summer of 1999... the same dye job that I was sporting in my Paris and Italy Where in the World Wednesday posts.

I'm going to try to ride this wave out. I do like my natural hair color. I do!

It's just hard to resist resorting to the bottle when you're craving a little upgrade to your appearance. Hair is the easiest thing to change without a huge commitment!

I've been coveting these ladies' flaxen strands:

Anonymous hair model [source], Ali from The Bachelor [source]

Actress Dianna Agron (a.k.a. Quinn Fabray from Glee) [source], Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn [source]

And here's whose dye job looks like a seventh-grader with a bottle of Sun-In (and I would know):

Vienna from The Bachelor [source]

I'm just saying.


Bev said...

DO IT! I believe in having fun with your hair color. Why not? It's not like it's permanent. ;)

I think you would look FAB with hair the color of Ali's. Warm blond highlights, all the way, using your darker natural color as low lights.

DO IT. And take pics!!

Jamie said...

Guuuhhhh dirty blonde is the bane of my existence. I, too, used to be bloonnndddeee. When it started to get darker is when I started to dye it red, but good god the upkeep. But man, I hear you about the blah, blaaaahhhh brown. :(

Brittany Ann said...

You know what? After reading/looking at this post, I just realized you look like a much prettier version of Drew Barrymore.

Bayjb said...

God don't even start me on Vienna's white trashy strands. Ali's are perfect, love them. I was white haired as a baby but now have dark brown hair. Not sure how that turned out