Thursday, February 25, 2010

The NTCA's first order of business: jingle jingle jingle

I've been on a small typing break this week because the tip of my right middle finger had a bit of a disagreement with a serrated bread knife. The knife wanted to keep cutting and my finger wanted it to stop. Guess who won?

By the time I finish my eight hours of non-stop typing for work, my Massachusetts saluter has about had it for the day. I've been keeping my Facebooking and tweeting to a minimum and I haven't been returning e-mails. Yeah, sorry about that.

I'm waiting to take a batch of chocolate coconut brownies out of the oven, so I wanted to take the opportunity to check in and let everyone know about the event that took place in my back yard this afternoon: the first meeting of the Neighborhood Tuxedo Cat Association!

...aka Boots and Coco chasing each other, collar bells a-jingling.

They're both out there again now, probably keeping the neighbors' kids awake with all that jingling.

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